Less than 3% of our fabrics are synthetic and we only use the most luxurious natural fibres, including silks, wools and high quality viscose. Although people are aware that silk, cashmere and wool are natural, some don’t know that viscose is made from wood cellulose, meaning it’s sustainable and fully biodegradable. Viscose fibres have a silky look and feel, and the same properties of comfort, breathability and absorbency of cotton.  

All materials that we use are long-lasting and have a minimal environmental impact. Environmental evaluation is a fundamental component which informs our choices of materials and suppliers and this filters through everything we do. From design, fabric and production right through to our packaging, which is a low waste, recycled and fully recyclable material.

We also look into the issue of wastage at all stages of our garments’ life. We keep our cutting as tight as possible to reduce fabric loss and make sure we never over-order. We are also looking into more innovative ways to reuse cuttings in our upcoming collections.

Our collections are seasonless, so we make sure that all of the fabric we buy is used up. This means we never have any dead stock.