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The Factory 

Catherine Quin has a passion for details. The heritage and tradition of the craftsmanship behind each garment is her driving force. Intent on instilling provenance and quality into her work, she sourced a family-owned factory in the heart of downtown Los Angeles. Quin remains deeply involved in the production of her brand, making daily visits to her factory and collaborating closely with the artisans who carry out the work. Each garment is made in its entirety by one seamstress; from the lining to the buttons, every piece is hand-finished. This relationship has borne exquisite production standards that manifest in the detailed and consistent quality of the garments themselves.

The Materials

Four-ply silk georgette is the dominant fabric utilised in the collection due to its versatility, drape, and how it feels against the skin. All materials are natural fabrics such as cashmere, suede and wool.  Quin has forged loyal relationships since the inception of her company with local vendors, supporting the expanding garment district of downtown Los Angeles.