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“Catherine’s first collection really impressed me with its understated intelligence. It’s elegant and easy and answers many contemporary dressing dilemmas. She’s obviously given a great deal of thought to fabrics, cut and how an item looks and moves when it’s on and I think her pieces will become wardrobe favourites”.

-Lisa Armstrong, Fashion Editor,The Daily Telegraph and Contributing Editor of British Vogue












‘Simple and elegant, British designer Catherine Quin is one to watch.’

-Lily Russo, Grazia 














‘The fluid simplicity of Brit-born, LA- based Catherine Quin’s versatile black staples, there’s a whole new blueprint for low-key dressing being dictated from California.’

-Katherine Ormerod, Grazia 
































‘Black never goes out of fashion, and one can see why when it’s done as well as Catherine Quin does it...Her elegant pieces are luxurious and easy to wear.’

-Kate Finnigan, Sunday Telegraph magazine, Stella 









‘The joy of the little black dress is that it creates instant elegance...Catherine Quin’s is one of our favourites.’

-Karen Dacre, The Evening Standard