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Built on minimalist principles, Catherine Quin cites the industrialist Dieter Rams and his Ten Principles for Good Design as inspiration. In each of Quin’s designs, a sensibility of timeless elegance is paired with architecturally inspired details, forming a subtly complex aesthetic of considered simplicity manifested through clean silhouettes.



A trans-seasonal, interchangeable wardrobe reflecting the needs of the modern woman. The Catherine Quin collection transcends occasion, climate, and culture with seasonless versatility. Instilled with timeless elegance, each of the designs adapt easily from New York to Paris, artfully elevating the daily ritual of getting dressed.



Each garment is handmade using only the finest luxury fabrics such as silk, cashmere, leather, and wool. With heritage and craftsmanship a driving force, every garment is lined with silk, seams are bound with silk, and hems are sewn by hand.